I’m sick.

My nephew, Joey, has been running around with this bad cold, and guess who ends up getting it?

That’s right…”Auntie Seffi” (for some reason, he leaves the “t” out of my name).

He told his mother he felt a lot better when I was there on Saturday. I suppose it will make the rounds of all the family who was there.

Thanks, Joey! LOL



I was supposed to go with Chaz today to look at apartments (for him. He can’t stay where he is now because he now exceeds their income requirements. Long story, will explain in another post), but when he called to see if I were awake, he only had to hear my voice (what I have of one), and told me to rest.

I may have to ask a kid to bring me cold meds.

This isn’t what I wanted to deal with right before New Year’s, but better now than on January 11th when I go back to school.

That’s all from where (hack, coff) I sit.



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