2009: good riddance

Since it is New Years Eve eve, I thought I would make a few comments about the year about to end.

I’m glad it’s over!

This was a hard year for me. My health, my performance at school, working 2 jobs during the summer which damn near killed me (or just felt like it), money woes… I realize that it could’ve been a lot worse, but I got through it with a few bumps and bruises (literally) along the way.

I don’t generally make resolutions for the new year, but there are things that I will try my damndest to accomplish in the coming year…

–Improve my GPA. It took a hit in 2009, so I need to rethink and reassess my study habits.

–Move from my current place of residence. I’ve had it! I’m just not happy here anymore. I need to find somewhere that’s still close to school, that I can afford, and that doesn’t feeling like I’m stagnating.

–To not allow myself to be belittled, put down, rejected or walked on by people in my life …no matter what my relationship to them is. And add to that: tell me what I NEED to hear, not what you think I WANT to hear. Yeah, it may hurt for a bit, but I’ll get over it eventually. I’ve always tried to be honest with people…why can’t they or won’t they extend me the same courtesy?

I think I can work on those. Let’s call it the “Stef Improvement Plan”

Have a great New Year! Hope to see you here bright and early in 2010.

Because this is Where It’s @ !



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