Lisa would not want us to mourn her passing… Just a few thoughts

(This started out as a letter of sorts to a friend, but thought it would make a good blog post)

She’d want us, her friends, to celebrate the time we did have with her and be happy.

Still, losing her the way we did, well…it’s a shock.

One day someone you care about is there, and the next, the Good Lord calls them home. We have no control over that.

It’s her beloved “Mer-Boy” we should be concerned about, pray for, rally around. His injuries are serious, and on top of all of his other medical issues, he’s got a tough road ahead. Pretty rough for an eleven year old. But, he’s Lisa’s son…if anyone can perservere, it’s him.


That’s what I’ve been thinking about since I heard about Lisa’s passing today. That she wouldn’t want us to cry over losing her. She is with the angels now, with her beloved father, and those of us who are left behind will always have our memories of her.

Love you, Lisa ❤


Life. It’s so random. It’s so…so subjective. I’ve gotten to the point in my life that my friends are starting to reach the end of their journeys here on earth, hopefully to start a new one “out there” (wherever that is). I believe in an afterlife, so once we leave this dimention, we move on to the next phase.

So why does my dying scare the crap out of me?

I’m not dying, but none of us are promised tomorrow, are we?

And that’s Where It’s @ !


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