Miscellaneous Crapola

It’s 30 minutes into Friday as I begin this post, and I can tell you, the first week of 2010 was a rough one. From unusual winter weather to finally getting my financial aid, to learning that a friend died and her precious son injured, it’s been one of those weeks that I hope not to repeat any time soon. And if this is how 2010 is going to be, can we just fast forward to 2011 already?


I might be going back to work to the place I worked at last summer (the “day job”). I know, I know… I complained about it a lot here, but a paycheck is a paycheck in these tough economic times. It could be worse: I could be cleaning toilets or something equally bad. But it paid the bills. I still want to get back into working in radio in some capacity, even if it’s not on air. I am going to take a hard look into doing voiceover work. I think I’d really dig that. Wonder if the broadcasting school has leads on that? I’ll ask Larry about it. He might know something I’ve overlooked.


This frigid weather is for the birds. Can we have spring now, please?

Because that’s Where it’s @ !–



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