And it’s all of about 46 degrees outside! But after last week and its below freezing temps, it really is a heatwave of sorts.

I even broke a sweat!


I finally bought my books… all two of them (so far). I knew that the Writing the Teleplay class wasn’t going to have one, and it appears that the Beginning Acting class doesn’t have one. I’ll have to wait til tomorrow when that class meets.

On the two books I did buy (two different classes taught by the same prof) I dropped $110! On just TWO books! I know the math book will cost, used, almost as much, but I need to change that because it conflicts with another class. Zer0 Level classes (the ones taught by Rose State on the UCO campus) are on a different database, so no one caught the conflict at the time I enrolled right before finals. I caught it when I was writing out my schedule on the dry erase board in the kitchen. I wonder if it’s possible to take it online? I’ll have to go talk to that annoying woman who handles the Rose State stuff here on campus about that…


Why does the title of this post sound like the title of a Clive Cussler novel?


It never fails… every semester I have been at UCO, I always seem to run into this former classmate of mine named Kody somewhere on campus, usually in the UC. We had Speech together my first semester here, and have had no classes with him since because we have different majors. But I always manage to run into him, we exchange hello’s, and go our separate ways.

It’s kinda nice…


Because this is Where it’s @ !–


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