So much going on…

So little I can do about most of it.

I do what I can, and perhaps the rest will fall into place.

Wishing doesn’t always make it so. If only…

So again, I do what I can, and maybe if I’m good enough, I will be rewarded somehow.

I have control over me and the things I know I can do: homework, bills, keeping up with the various things in my life (kids, my mom, etc)…

Things I don’t have control over: other people, situations, stuff like that.

I wear myself out on a daily basis just trying to live life.


I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, because I like to try and have a positive attitude. Sometimes, I think that maybe I should keep my big, fat mouth shut and let people find out those things on their own.

People have a tendency to “shoot the messenger”…

And lately, I feel like I’ve been shot.


This is Where it’s @ !–



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