It might not be great, but it’s done…

My paper for Mass Media Effects, that is.

If MSWord didn’t have the function of formatting citations and works cited in the appropriate method (in this case, APA), I’d be sooooo screwed!

I’m screwed anyway, because Daniel went to his math class at 6pm, and I don’t have any other way to get home. I was so busy writing this paper that I missed the last bus! Hopefully, Daniel will check back in at the library before he leaves, especially if he needs money to get out of the pay lot.

If not, I guess I could take a cab…though I really, REALLY don’t want to!



I’m so sleepy that, if it weren’t so damn cold in here, I’d take a nap.


I wish these papers weren’t due for this class every blessed Thursday! I need my computer to work, or I’m going to rent one from somewhere! I can’t spend all this time in the library, especially after the buses stop running. I’ll be a basket case by Valentine’s Day at this rate!


My back is killing me! Just wanted to share.


Okay, so Scott Brown won Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat. Now STFU already! Geez!


I have nothing more to add to this mish-mash of babbling I’ve done, so, I’ll wrap it up here because…

This is Where it’s @ !


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