This is going to be a strange week

There’s a huge ice-sleet-snow storm coming on Thursday, and it’s shaping up to rival the ice storm of December 9-12, 2007… This does not bode well. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 600,000 Oklahomans lost power for a day or more during that storm. If I lose power, I’m going to be really, really cold and miserable, because even though I have gas heat (that’s included with my rent), the theromostat is electric, so I won’t have heat, either. In that case, I’ll either go to Mom’s or Chaz’s. Or, to a motel (which I can’t afford).

I’m not looking forward to this at all. Snow I can handle; subfreezing temps I can deal with…ice is not something I really want to have to deal with.


Is it just me, or does “Perfect Insanity” sound out of place on Disturbed’s Indestructible CD? Lead singer David Draiman’s voice sounds different on this track than on the other tracks on the CD.

Just an observation, since I’m listening to the CD as I write this.


I have no classes tomorrow. In my 2pm Broadcast Audio Production, the class was split into two groups, and my group met on Monday; so we don’t have to come to class. In my 3:30pm Writing the Teleplay class, Dr. Olivier is still in Louisiana recovering from whatever she has that hospitalized her over winter break, so class has been cancelled for tomorrow. I hope that she’s back on campus soon.


Chaz took my laptop to a friend of his to see if it could be fixed. They couldn’t do anything because it won’t let me (or anyone else) access the desktop. That’s the problem I’ve been having with it since before Christmas. Chaz called me to tell me this, and said he’d take it to Best Buy or somewhere to see if a computer expert could fare any better. I’d hate to lose all those files, and I’d hate to have to buy a new computer. But, I will if I have to. I need a computer for school!

And that’s Where it’s @ !–



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