First ice, now snow…Hello, spring?!

I woke up this morning to a strange sound…no traffic whizzing by on Danforth. I couldn’t even hear the trains that come thru here several times a day. Then I looked out the window.

It was (and still is) snowing!

There’s ice underneath all that. Even the Edmond buses aren’t running today. Even if I had a car, I would not be going anywhere. I know better. I lived on the east coast & got some knowledge and lessons about driving in snow. If you don’t have to go out, then DON’T! This may be Oklahoma, but those east coast lessons still apply.
Vincent called me yesterday to check up on how I was weathering the storm. He didn’t have to do that. It was sweet of him to think of me.

I have pictures of the storm, but I’ll have to wait and post them when I get to a computer. Mine is still in the shop. Again.

So, I am still stuck at home. I have plenty of provisions, I still have power, and I think I still have my sanity…but if I don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to go plumb loco!!!!

Because that’s Where it’s @ !–



One thought on “First ice, now snow…Hello, spring?!

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