I either need a dog sled team… or ice skates!

The roads are more or less clear… if the roads we’re talking about are ones like Danforth, Broadway, Second, etc.

The others, not so much.

I attempted to go out on Saturday, but decided (after missing the bus that only comes once an hour on Saturdays) that there was really nothing I needed to do out there, so I retreated back inside my humble abode until about 10am this morning to go back to campus.

But, I’m not at home, so that’s a plus. Going to class at 2pm will be fun.

Whether Writing the Teleplay will meet today, so far, there has been no indication that it won’t. Just got to keep checking my UCO email.

I’m working on the paper that was due on Thursday in Mass Media Effects, but is now due tomorrow because Dr. Nelson had cancelled class for Thursday. It was already pretty much done, and I could have turned it in, but I think I can tweak it so that it will be a little better.


You know, the ice on the trees and all is quite pretty, but I am definitely ready for spring to start.


Since it’s February 1st, I better pay my rent. I just don’t want to have to pay the extra $19.95 to do it over the internet, but not being able to get to an ATM for the last 4 days, and not really wanting to walk to the property manager’s office in all the snow just to pop a money order thru the slot in the door, I guess I have to take what’s available to me…


I better get back to work…

Because that’s Where it’s @ ! ~



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