Have you looked in the mirror lately, dear?

Jon called last night.

First he teased me about my short hair, saying that the next logical step is a Marine Corps style “high and tight”. I retorted that I just might shave it all off a la David Draiman (and I know Jon has NO idea who that is), and there was silence on the other end of the line…

Then, he said that the real reason he called me was to tell me that he named his new  car. I didn’t even know he HAD a new car! Apparently, it’s a 1997 Ford Taurus (he was always a Chevy guy, with Corvettes being his absolute fave car EVER!) and he’s named it “Jellybean”.

Seriously?! Jellybean? (Said she whose last car was called BabyDoll)

He then suggested that I go on Craigslist to find myself a car. Um, no thanks, I told him. So he did it and found several cars in my area. He even called a couple of the numbers listed with the ads, while I was on the phone with him! Fortunately, neither one answered, so Jon leaves voice mails with his number, saying he’s calling for a “friend” in the Oklahoma City area (so that’s what I’ve become to him, a friend?!).

After all that he starts talking about my hair again, then he says that I look older than he does!

I do not! At least I’m not faking my way through life trying to be something I’m not…

He apparently still lives in his little fantasy world where nothing is his fault and he believes he’s like 30 years old (instead of the 50 he really is).

I am so done with the conversation by this time, that I tell him I’ve got to let him go, with some lame excuse about doing homework.

Ex-husbands…sheesh! Are all men like this, or is it just Jon. I’m willing to bet it’s just Jon…

Because he’s not Where it’s @ !~



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