Just tryin’ to get through this thing called life…

So… My 46th birthday was like any other day.

Except for the birthday greetings, the tweets, the phone call from my friend in Suffolk, VA who probably called to wish me a happy bday, and totally forgot; the even stranger phone call from Jon talking about his car and MY hair (he hates it. Like I care.); to being obsessed with this poorly edited video for “Perfect Insanity” that was made before Disturbed was even signed to a label (it was re-recorded for the “Indestructible” CD), where the most notable things (besides the poor editing) were that it was made in 1998, and that lead singer David Draiman looked to be in his mid 20s and still had hair!

Other than that, nothing unusual happened today.

Oh, Larry forgot it was my birthday. Then when he remembered, he teased me asking if I were 40! I wish, I told him (I was 41 when I met him 5 years ago!). He said that I still looked younger than my actual age…

Take that, Jon! 😛

No family party, yet. Probably over the weekend some time (probably kill 2 birds with one stone and combo it with Amalia’s birthday on the 18th).
Now I have to deal with Valentine’s day. Yay.

Because that’s Where it’s @ !~



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