On the downhill slide

towards 50 and old fart-dom!

Maybe 46 won’t be so bad…

It’s the being eligible for AARP in a scant 4 years that freaks me the hell out!

Jon turned 50 recently, I wonder if he got anything  from AARP? If he did, he threw it out in denial that he is really and truly THAT OLD!

But, this post isn’t about him.

It’s about me. After all, it’s MY birthday!


If we could just skip ahead to next Monday, so I don’t have to think about Valentines Day, that would be fine with me!

It’s just another “holiday” that the greeting card industry capitalizes on every year. Without a special someone, it has little meaning for me.

So as I begin my 47th trip through the calendar, I have things I’d like to accomplish before 2/9/11.

And maybe a cake, some flowers, and some sincere birthday wishes would be nice, too.

All because I get to celebrate my 46th birthday today.

Because that’s Where it’s @ !~


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