I have some of the best conversations…

with someone I haven’t seen in person in nearly a year and a half.

Last week, we had cold weather,  and some places got more snow. It wasn’t snowing in Edmond, but down where Larry works, it was snowing. And somehow, this conversation on Yahoo! Mess-up-enger transpired:

Larry: snowing like crap over here
Larry: not sticking much yet
Larry: been snowing off and on all day
Me: Just looked out the window. No snow here.
Larry: looking at snow now
Larry: if it gets much colder it will be slicker than snot
Larry: greased snot
Larry: greased owl snot
Larry: frozen greased owl snot
Me: LOL!!!!
Me: Sounds messy…
Larry: frozen greased owl snot in a pool of wd-40
Me: Oh Larry! You’re cracking me up big time!!

See? Imagine if we’d had this conversation in person or on the phone! We’d be laughing so hard we probably couldn’t finish. Even reading this a week later still puts me into giggle fits!

I miss seeing you in person, my friend.

Because THIS is Where it’s @ !~



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