Paolo? Paul? Francesco? Dude, pick an alias already!

All three of those names, or variations thereof, belong to the same man… one who NOW claims he was born in 1953.

I know he was born in 1947. In March. On the 24th.

He’s hiding from something or someone. Changing his personal info around so he can’t be found. Wonder what he did this time…

How did I get involved with this guy?

Once upon a time, I rented an apartment from him. He took a liking to me. Three years later, he evicted me because I dared to date someone else. We weren’t even dating! I was his dirty little secret…

Story of my life. I’m always someone’s DLS…

But I digress…

Dude, pick an identity (the one your parents gave you preferably) and stick with it. If you are running from something or someone, man up and face the music!

You’ll be 63 in March, not 57 in April.

What a drag it is getting old… –The Rolling Stones “Mother’s Little Helper”

My name is Stephanie. I was born in 1964. I’m 46 years old, and I’m not running from anything. I’ve been there and done that. I like where I am now. I like who I am now.

Oh, and there are things I’m not proud of. I’ve taken responsibility for them.

If I can do it, so can you, Paolo Francesco, or whatever you’re calling yourself these days.

This is me, being me, with all that being me entails, 2010 style


Because this is Where it’s @ !~



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