I’m glad this week is finally over!

Next week starts a new month and a new week. Maybe this one won’t be so screwed up.

In other news…

Is there other news?

Tired. Moody. Run down.

Sounds like the same ole news to me.


The week just got started wrong. For that I blame myself. I let a lot a little things bother me and they just piled one atop the other. I don’t know what’s going on with me anymore it seems.

The “Menopause Fairy” is coming, perhaps?

Now THAT would be news!


As much as I love having short hair, it’s the monthly upkeep that’s going to kill me! I need yet ANOTHER trim! 

I’d love to be able to get over to May Avenue and try out this salon I follow on Twitter (@trichology), but unless someone wants to lend me wheels to do so, I’ll go over to the place I’ve been getting my hair trimmed for the last couple of months. 

I’d love, love, LOVE to expand my scope of where I can go in the area. I need a freakin’ car! First though, I need the freakin’ money to buy one AND pay for title, tags, and insurance. In Oklahoma, you need insurance before you can title your car.


There’s so much I want to do… get this degree out of the way is the priority, but I think at some point, I’m going to have to take a break for a semester and regroup. Spend that time working and getting my health issues under control.

*sigh* I need a car for that, too. Seriously doubt that there are any broadcasting jobs on the bus lines…

And that’s Where it’s @ !~



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