The last day of the shortest month…

It was a lazy Sunday for sure.

I watched (with the majority of both the USA and Canada) the gold medal hockey game, which was ultimately won by Team Canada. It was a great game, and players on both teams are all winners, regardless the color of their medal.

Tonight is the closing ceremonies for the XXI Winter Olympic Games are later this evening. I thought that the coverage NBC had was good, though most of what I really wanted to see were on other NBC/Universal stations (on cable, which I don’t have). USA got the most medals, but host country Canada got the most golds. Good for them!

Now we go back to our regular boring programming until the summer of 2012, when the Summer Olympics will be held in London.


I’m a “fan” of a new artist who has a page on Facebook. And though his older sibling is more famous, this guy is so down to earth and so humble that it blows my mind. He actually writes on his own wall and actually answers any questions that his fans have. And the musical talent didn’t skip over him… he’s just as talented as his more well known sibling and I think deserves a record deal of his own, if he wants it. Or maybe he’s content staying in the shadows and performing for a select group of fans.

When there is more to reveal about him, I may post more.


Well, tomorrow’s a new week and a new month. Happy March!

Because that’s Where it’s @  !~



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