Today’s assignment: make one person smile

I’m trying to do self-inflicted penance for my crappy week last week by doing something positive for someone else this week.

Yesterday, I left a status update on Facebook that at least a couple of people liked…

Today, I hope to make people smile. Oh, and pass it on. Make one person smile in the hopes that they pass that smile on to someone who needs cheering up.

As I told Larry earlier, last week was totally out of character for me. I’m generally a positive person, and when I’m not, it bothers me. There’s no time for me to have a pity party, and all of last week was a pity party  for me it seemed.

Speaking of last week, I need to give someone a call.

OH! I just remembered what I wanted to look up on WebMD…

I found what I was looking for, but it wasn’t much help. *sigh* Maybe I should just see a doctor…

OKAY!! Enough of this negativity! You’re supposed to be positive today, remember?

So, I’m off to make someone other than Larry smile today.

Because that’s Where it’s @ !~


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