Welcome to the weirdness that is my life…

Turned in a paper in Mass Media Effects this morning.

Went to my Beginning Acting class at Central Plaza, where we started an exercise in finding stuff within a set time to win a fictional $200k.

Then off to Denny’s for a very belated breakfast.

Now I’m at home, I’m so tired that I could fall asleep right here on “Big Blue” but I have all these ideas for a novella I’m contemplating and am trying to get them down before I forget them.

This will be the first non school writing project I’ve undertaken in about 4 years, and I’m excited!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was a beautiful day out today, but we’re expecting rain on Sunday. I better go out and enjoy it while I still can.

I even took a chance and left the house without a jacket or sweatshirt this morning.

I live dangerously sometimes.

I just wish a certain gentleman of my acquaintence would find the time to come visit. But since wishing doesn’t make it so, there’s really no point in thinking about it. He’s always busy (or so he says). And yeah, it does hurt my feelings when he shuts me down sometimes. One day soon, he’ll be standing at my door asking if I could come out to play.

Or could come in.

Just like the grandbabies I don’t have yet, it’s going to be a long wait.

That’s where it’s @ !~


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