This go to bed early and getting up three hours later crap has to stop!

I was tired, so I went to bed before the ten o’clock news came on.

I actually slept.

At 12:3oam, I woke up, and I’ve been awake ever since.

Just thought I’d share.

This crap has to stop. I know it’s not good for me. I’ve been an insomniac for over 25 years now, and this is getting ridiculous! I either don’t sleep, I sleep in 3 or 4 hour shifts, or I sleep way too much. I know I need to get eight hours of sleep a night, at least, but this? I’d prefer eight hours in a row, not 3 hours here, 3 hours there, and two hours somewhere else.


And why, pray tell, has Saon been IM-ing me so much lately? I know he gets bored easily, and that he’s been thru about 4 computers now, but after not hearing from him for over a year (not even one peep!), I find that when he does IM with me, I have nothing to talk about because we’re on different pages now in life.

Apparently, he’s content in his marriage, so he doesn’t need me anymore.

Well, good. I haven’t needed him in about 5 years. I think Hurricane Katrina had a lot to do with that, as well as me deciding to go back to school.

Funny though, the other day when we talked, he said that I was a good woman, and I made the comment that he probably didn’t realize it while we were dating.

He said he did, but was (his words) “young and confused”.

Considering that when we met in 2002, he was the same age as Daniel is now, I can understand that statement.

Whoa… I think I better stop talking about that. I don’t live in the past. At least I try not to at any rate.

The here and now is much better.


I’m not even tired enough to attempt to go back to bed. I am hungry though.

Too bad I don’t have a car so I could find a place to eat at nearly 2am.

And I’m having a sneezing fit. Lovely.


I think I’ll check my email again, then try to go back to sleep. Good thing I don’t have classes tomorrow!

Because that’s Where it’s @ !~



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