I want my 45 minutes and all those brain cells back!

Lord help me!

Jon just added me as a friend on Facebook. On top of that, we had the most insipid conversation about chick flicks, and do I think that so-n-so actor is good looking, etc.

I want my brain cells back! I feel stupid after having these conversations with him about what he likes, and why don’t I like movies like “The Notebook”.

I only accepted his friend request to shut him up. The minute he makes some kind of comment about who certain friends are and why we’re friends, etc., I’m taking him off. My friends, and my life since our separation and divorce are my business.

I couldn’t wait to get him off the phone! He’s still living in that world where if he forgets all the shit he did while we were married it doesn’t exist. That and the fact that if I wanted to talk about chick flicks, he’d be the last person on earth I’d have that conversation with.

I don’t like so called chick flicks, because they’re usually unbelievably contrived, that I can guess the ending in the first ten minutes…in addition to me carping about the bad editing, bad lighting, bad sound, and bad acting.

God, why do You have such a sick sense of humor, huh?

Maybe I shouldn’t let this issue rent space in my head. Ya think?!

And that’s Where it’s @ !~



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