Posting on weekends…

I don’t DO anything on weekends really…

I don’t party, hang out with my college friends, or spend late nights bantering BS about. I am, for lack of a better word, boring.

I do homework, pay bills, run errands, and try to catch up with the sleep I don’t get during the week.

I wish someone would invite me somewhere sometime. Just so I can get out of my apartment and out of Edmond for a while. And I don’t mean those odd occasional  times that Chaz has me at his apartment in the City. He never wants to do anything out of his comfort zone, not like we did when we first met.

But, I digress…

Right now, for example, I’m writing up a paper for Beginning Acting for Non-Majors for the play I saw last night. Then I’m going to work on my PSA for Broadcast Audio Production in preparation of putting it all together in one of the booths at school in the morning (the class doesn’t meet til 2pm).

I don’t have time to do anything, um, fun. That was for Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the days for work, either for the house (pay bills) or for school.

Still, an invitation to get out everyonce in a great while would be nice… and men don’t take hints very well…

That’s Where it’s @ !~



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