Spring break…is still broken *sigh*

My spring break starts tomorrow at 2:15pm. Know what I’m going to be doing during spring break?

Pay bills.

Catch up on my sleep.

Probably spend some time with Chaz.

Though I’d rather spend it with someone else…not that I don’t want to spend some time with Chaz, but it’ll mean that for that time, I’ll be living his life. He’s been so busy with getting his car ready for spring, doctor’s appointments at the VA hospital (which I know from Dad’s experience that appointments are not easy to come by, so when you get one, you better plan on keeping it, because the next one might be months from now), and other miscellaneous stuff that a 66 year old man does with all his spare time, that I’m kinda glad that he’s giving me some breathing room.

I don’t go anywhere for spring break, either. One, I can’t really afford it, and two, where in the hell does a 46 year old junior in college go? Florida to hang out with all the retirees (hell, I do that here with Chaz, I don’t need to go all the way to freakin Florida for that!)? Except for the fact that I’ve been in every other state on the eastern seaboard BUT Florida, I might want to think about going someday.

But not to hang out with retirees.

I’ve been hanging out with retirees my entire life it seems… I was a sophomore in high school when my dad finally retired (after a year he got bored and went back to work). Mom’s been “retired” since I was in the 8th grade, preferring to be what is now known as a stay at home mom. Back then, she was a housewife.

It almost makes hanging out with my college age classmates appealing.


South By Southwest (SXSW) starts Friday (the day formerly known as my wedding anniversary) in Austin, Texas. I’ve heard such great things about it that for the last couple of years, I’ve wanted to go. Austin isn’t that far away. But not having a car, a hotel reservation, or a lot of money, it seems pointless.

Though I would like one of those “Keep Austin Weird” stickers. One day, I’m going to find out how weird Austin really is.

Just not this year.

And that’s Where it’s @ !~



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