Personal Space Invaders, Constance and the prom, and it’s a dog, not a fashion accessory!

I finally, at long last, felt well enough to venture out into the great wide open of Edmond to go all the way to freakin’ Walmart to get cold meds, Sprite, and boring cookies. Forgot the boring cookies, though. And some soup would have been nice.

While I was checking out at the self check out, these two teen age girls pick up a magazine and thumb thru it while I’m checking out. They are “soclose” to me that I actually began to feel uncomfortable. I was almost relieved when I got done and walked away.

I go into Subway, because I realized I hadn’t eaten yet, and get a sub.

Big mistake. I instantly regretted it.

While I was paying for my sandwich, these same two girls do the same thing to me! They’re talking about which cookies they’re going to get. I almost said to them, “if you two get any closer to me, you may as well introduce yourselves”, but saw a woman about my age near by and figured (hoped!) she was the mother of one of these ditzy chicks and held my tongue.

I was not in a very hospitable mood…


(WARNING: Lightning Rod subject follows…)

There was this girl named Constance who wanted to go to prom.

With her girlfriend.

Her school said she couldn’t come if she didn’t come with a boy.

She insisted on brining her girlfriend, even offering to dress in a tux.

School cancelled prom for everyone.

Constance lives in Mississippi where, apparently, same sex couples can’t attend prom together.

How stupid is this? It’s 2010, for (the diety of your choice)’s sake! Why is this Mississippi school district so ignorant of the fact that, yes, there are gay teenagers, and yes, they want to go to the prom. It’s a freakin’ rite of passage! Personally, I don’t care if a same sex couple went to the prom. I know that other don’t feel the same way I do. If they have a problem with it, it’s their problem, not mine, and not the gay or lesbian couples who want to go to a dance. There’s too much hate in this country. A little education about the subject will clear up a lot, but people don’t want to learn about anything they don’t want to understand.

I know, you’re saying, “Mississippi IS in the Bible Belt.”

I live in the freakin’ Bible Belt, too. That doesn’t make discrimination right. Oh, yes, there’s a lotta Bible thumpin’ going on here, too, about things the Bible thumpers don’t want to understand, even if offered an opportunity to learn.

I think that Constance’s school should still hold their prom, and allow Constance and her girlfriend to attend. Failing that, there should be an alternative that everyone is invited to.

It’s 2010, and there’s still such a long way to go…


Meanwhile, back at Walmart…

I’m waiting for the bus so I can go home, and I watch this couple walk into the store holding a tiny “ratdog”. This dog is all decked out with a fancy ass collar and tucked protectively under the arm of the man, like it was a purse or something.

Um, hello? It’s a flippin’ DOG! It should be at home, not in my friendly neighborhood Walmart. What’s next, people wanting to bring their Great Danes or Akitas shopping with them? Know how big Akitas get? When I was in Wyoming, I knew a man who had 2 of them, and they were puppies at the time. At not even a year old, they were already huge, and not quite full grown. One of these playful “pups” actually knocked me on my ass, then did what all puppies do: proceeded to lick me to death!

BTW, I’m not talking about service dogs. They have a purpose.

“Ratdogs” have no purpose that I can see, other than pets.


Okay I’m done ranting for today.

Because that’s Where it’s @ !~


Just remember that if you want to leave a comment, make sure you leave a way for me to get in contact with you. I don’t do anonymous comments, especially if all you’re going to do is hurl insults. I’ve heard a great majority of the swear words in my forty-six years on earth, and if you can’t say what you have to say without them, then don’t bother.

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