Not just snow for the 1st day of spring, but a FLIPPIN’ BLIZZARD!!

All four local news outlets are calling for blizzard conditions, including 5-10 inches of snow with 2-4 foot drifts…

According to the calendar, Saturday is the first day of spring. Here it will look like the Christmas Eve Blizzard.


Tomorrow it’s going to be 70. Saturday we get snow.

No wonder everyone is getting sick. The weather is can’t make up its freakin’ mind!

I’ll be here all cooped up and nowhere to go. When do I get to be snowed in with someone? A specific someone?

Okay, okay…no more of this “woe is me” behavior. I’m trying to stay positive here.


I’ll be sooooo glad when the winter of 2009-2010 is over! Bring on spring already, and make it snappy, mister!

Because that’s Where It’s @ !~



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