Hmph! Some blizzard!

Oh, we got snow…just not the blizzard that was hyped about for the last week.

Monday, it’s supposed to be 60F.

Right now, it’s something like 25F… not counting wind chill. And we shouldn’t even be talking about wind chill on the first freakin’ day of spring!

It should be gorgeous outside. It’s only gorgeous outside right now if you’re a polar bear or a snowman/woman (person?).

Spent the whole day inside. Got rested up for the week to come. Because from that point on, it’s gonna be an all out backs to the wall sorta of thing.


Talked to Chaz this afternoon. He only had to hear me cough once before I got the dad-like lecture about getting my health under control. He seems to think there’s a pattern to the fact that I catch a lot of colds.

Yeah, hon, it’s called going to college with kids who don’t have the good sense God gave a goose to stay home when they’re sick.

And if he wants to pay for me to get checkups and meds and crap like that, well, honey, be. my. guest.


The weather’s going to climb all the way to 37F tomorrow…at 5pm.


Because that’s Where It’s @ !~


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