Back to the grind…


It was a weird day though. First, the weather was like we never had snow, because it was beautiful and in the low 60s; then classes didn’t seem like classes because in  Broadcast Audio Production, we had a speaker come in; and in Writing the Teleplay, all we did was write. That’s the point of the class, but Dr. O. could lecture every once in a while. Come to think of it, if she did lecture, it would be Radio and TV Writing, which I’ve already had.

I seemed extraordinarily tired today. I guess that’s part being sick for a week, and part not getting enough sleep.

Just as I was getting to my apartment, Jeff came over for a little bit…until I ran out of ready things to snack on, that is. Then he left.

Still no tenth anniversary Disturbed CD in my mail. It drops tomorrow, so I get it then.

It’s getting late. I’ll stay up and watch Headlines on Leno, then head off to dreamland.

Because that’s Where It’s @ !~



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