What should I write about today?


  • The healthcare bill?
  • School?
  • Music?
  • What’s on tap for the weekend?
  • Jeff’s birthday next week?

Well, my weekends are rarely the baccanales that most college students experience, but I am going to the Mr. and Ms. UCO International Pageant this evening to root on my friend Chantal (the younger of the two German sisters I know from Rose State). Then I’ll probably fall exhausted into bed and do my usual Saturday errands at some point.

Jeff’s 24th birthday is next Tuesday, March 30th (as is his Uncle Dean’s). Is Jeff really going to be 24?!

(and when I read this next year about this time and wonder how in the hell Jeff got to be 25, when just a minute ago, he was this little blonde kid, remind me to shut up! LOL)

Of course, Joey’s birthday is the 31st, and he’ll be seven.

Oh, and remind me on Tuesday to send some good luck to someone half way around the world so that it gets there before the 1st of April.

Since this is now a collection of random thoughts, I think I will stop here. Might be more later because, hell, it’s only 10am CDT, and the day’s barely started!

Because that’s Where It’s @ !~



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