Another Monday…ho hum

I have two tests to take this week, and they’re in the two classes I have with Dr. Nelson.

His tests are no cakewalks by any stretch of the imagination. Especially in Mass Media Effects!

So I’ll be studying my little ole heart out today.

Oh. Joy.

And I’m still a little pissed off about what happened when I was working on my Radio Promo for Broadcast Audio Production. The girl who kept bugging me to come in while I was in the studio threw my concentration off completely, so my project is probably not the best thing I’ve ever recorded.

I feel another round of “Droppin’ Plates” coming on… LOL


Easter was …interesting.

In a nutshell it happened like this:

  • Scott had to work, and Sarah kinda sorta took his place at Easter dinner. Her family was out of town…yeah we thought it was weird, too.
  • Joey actually was calm, even with everything going on. He usually isn’t. He even went to bed without complaint, which floored his parents! Especially his mom…
  • Everyone kept going into the garage to see Ava’s kittens. Ava was not amused…not one bit.
  • We watched this show on the Travel Channel called “America’s Worst Driver”… and it was freakin’ hilarious! The person who is deemed the worst driver in their city gets their car destroyed! Marc, at 16, drives better than some of those people! Maybe it’s because he hasn’t had time to develope bad habits yet (oh, and a restricted license helps, too).


I’d say more, but I better bone up on this test in Mass Media Effects for tomorrow.

Because that’s Where It’s @ !~



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