It simply amazes me how far some fans will go to get a band’s attention

I mean, really…*

In 2005, I worked security for a company that provided services to the Ford Center in Oklahoma City (among other venues). The things I saw while working for this company still continue to boggle my mind.

The concerts were some of the worst.

Why in Heaven’s name would a young woman come to a concert dressed like she’s expecting to shag the drummer (singer, guitarist, etc)? Women dressed in too tight (or just plain too small) tops, skirts so short they’d make your daddy blush, and (this is the one that gets me) high heels. Why in the hell are they wearing heels at a concert venue that has stairs?! Then complain that their feet hurt and could they use the elevator reserved for venue staff?

How about, no, dear, you got down here in that get-up, you can go back the same way. And if your feet hurt, take off the damn shoes! I actually said that to some sweet young thing who dared complain.

As many of you have probably figured out, my favorite band is Disturbed (yes, heavy metal, so?). There are some pictures on the band’s Facebook page that just continue to puzzle me. Young women wearing next to nothing (probably in violation of some Facebook policy, I’m sure), posting these pics on a public forum that fans between 13 and 18 can access!

What are you thinking when you do that? That maybe, you’ll get the attention of one of the band members? Fat chance. Three of the four are married and have families. The one who is single is in a relationship. They’re all old enough, or damn close to being old enough, to be the fathers of some of these 18 to 22 year old girls.

And unless the singer decides to dump his current squeeze, you probably don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting his attention. Or you might get his attention, but you’ll be handed off to a roadie or some underling. Or maybe even security!

I wish I knew how rock tours worked…

So leave the heels and short skirts at home, come to the venue dressed comfortably, don’t drink alcohol, and behave yourself. My father always said that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be yourself and you just might get more attention being sweet, than dressed as a tart.

Oh, and if you don’t have an access pass, don’t even ask if the security person will let you backstage anyway. I turned many a person away at one show where I worked the stage area. It was my job to keep people out unless they had the proper credentials.

PS: I’m not a prude, just realistic.

PPS: Don’t even get me started on the wrestling “matches” I had the misfortune to work at the Ford Center. If you like that sort of thing, great. I personally think it’s staged bullshit.

Because I’m Stef and that Where It’s @ !~

*originally posted on Facebook on 041510


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