Rainy Saturday…and getting hot under the collar

I went and did my usual errands today, in the rain, on the bus. Oh. Joy.

Apparently, there was a stabbing in one of the buildings at my apartment complex Friday night/Saturday morning. Two women who were waiting for the bus were talking about it, but I wasn’t listening initially because I was listening to music on my phone. I wish I hadn’t unplugged after hearing what they were saying.

The people involved in the incident were of Mexican nationality. These two women were talking about moving because they don’t want to live anywhere with “wetbacks”.

Why is it that people automatically assume that all Mexicans are illegals? There are laws in place to keep illegals from working, living, etc. if they are not documented. I know that there are places that look the other way, but the majority of them do not. The “daytime” job I had last summer didn’t look the other way, and the back end was filled with legal and documented people from Mexico.

One of the women had a problem with the complex being part of a local church’s mission to help those who need it. She didn’t want a “handout”, and implied that the people who live there are only looking for a handout.

Excuse me, but last year this time, I was fuckin’ struggling to make my bills and obligations every month between semesters. Those “handouts” were damn welcome at the time.

So watch who you’re generalizing with your blanket beliefs.

I wish people would just OPEN THEIR DAMN EYES and see the world as it really is, and not through rose colored glasses. Yes, it would be much easier if there were no illegal aliens, or people who need help getting by once in a while, but that’s not the way it is. There are people who come to the US who aren’t here under legal means, and yes, I needed a little assistance now and then for a while when my finances were so tight they squeaked.  I’m not the only one. There are lots of us out there. Can’t find work, being laid off, jobs shipped to other countries because that labor is cheaper… people losing their homes. This is REAL FUCKING LIFE, not some fairy tale.

I try to treat everyone the same. I don’t care what color you are, what faith you practice, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered…

So, I hope those two loser women do move. We don’t need narrow minds here. If you can’t describe people without using racial epitheths, then I don’t need you in my environment. If you’re going to criticize people who aren’t “perfect” like you want to believe you are, then take you and yours and leave. I won’t miss you, trust me.

Because I’m Stef, and this is Where It’s @ !~


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