Asylum is the name for the new Disturbed CD that’s due out late summer now.

I can’t wait!!!

These guys just don’t put out garbage… their music is quality all the way. Lead singer David Draiman has said in at least one interview that their albums are “all killer, no filler”. Every single song is not just good, not just great, but will stand the test of time. That’s because, IMHO, they put their best stuff on their albums. There’s not a bad track on any of their four previous CDs.

And, the previous three (Believe, Ten Thousand Fists and Indestructible) have all been number 1 on the day they’re released. Only 5 other bands have done that. This one will be no exception. Disturbed’s fan base is loyal and devoted. The band knows this, too.

And this CD will go to number one upon release. I’ll make that prediction right now!

The best part about the new CD, is that a DVD will be packaged with it. The DVD is called “Decade of Disturbed”, chronicling the first decade of their career. It is, as Draiman said in a video via MTV that the DVD is their gift to their fans.

I can’t wait!

Left to right: John Moyer (bass), Dan Donegan (guitar), David Draiman (vocals), Mike Wengren (drums)

If I’m this excited by learning the name of the album, what’s going to happen when the CD finally comes out!

Oy vey! LOL

I’m Stef, and this is Where It’s @ !~



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