Since Friday, I did the following…

Saturday, I borrowed my mom’s car and drove to Del City to do the mountain of dirty laundry I’ve been neglecting for the last month. It took all day and $30 I couldn’t really afford to spend, and I had to blow off a “date” with Chaz to get it all done. He said he understood, that he didn’t want to get in the way of the things I have to do for school and such.

So he says…

Sunday, I just vegged out. Did some reading for finals coming up next week, worked on my budget (and am now in my Usual State of Financial Embarrassment), took a nap, and played on the computer some. Didn’t leave the apartment for nothing!

BTW– I need milk and soda and sandwich meat.

Today, I went to enroll for summer and fall classes. Got what I wanted, and got put on a waitlist for a couple of courses that could wait til spring if need be.

I’m taking Media Law online this summer. This will be interesting. I’m told this is not an easy class. But, I need to take it anyway, might as well get the hard stuff done first.

I’ll end up with nine credit hours for the summer, but only 6 will count. Have to take another zero level math class, too. Joy. Only one is on campus, and it’s not the math.


I can’t wait til Asylum is released! It’s going to be the best Disturbed album yet! I know it will be. They only get better with time…

(Yes, I’m such a fan girl…NOT! I just love the band.)


It’s 9:30pm and I haven’t had dinner yet. Better take care of that.

Because I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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