“F” Politics

NOTE: my son Daniel wrote this on Facebook, and I think he makes some valid points from the view of a 26 year old man.

And yes, I left the formatting, typos, and profanity in, save for a reference Daniel made about (I think) a former supervisor of his. I took that out. I can’t afford a libel suit.

So, without further ado, I bring you Daniel’s rant/essay/op ed piece…


Apparently, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal as long at they are white anglo-saxon protestant conservatives, and everyone else can go to hell.

It’s sad when a bunch of old dudes tell you you’re an “idiot” and a “liberal weasel” for even daring to disagree with them; that you need to “grow up” when they are the only ones needing to do so. Their right because so-n-so told them so, and they know nothing. You’re wrong because you know something they don’t.

Fuck political seperatism, and fuck the blind men who follow, fuck the “commies”, fuck the “fascists”.

No wonder nobody gets anything done. We’re too busy calling each other names, and cockblocking everything anyone on the other side tries to do.

And who ends up suffering?

We do.
We the People of the United States of America.

So where’s that “A More Perfect Union” we were promised 234 years ago?
When, no matter what ideal you hold, you can get attacked from all sides and get insulted, labeled, degraded. People blindly following thier respective rhetoric with no question, information, or knowledge do nothing to provide a counterpoint; instead replacing it with derision and enmity. How does that help? How does that better our situation? Our Country? What good does that do?

“Oh you’re a Liberal Weasel”
Jekus H.F.S. Christ, the problem is fucking SOLVED!!
People arguing day and night. 50 year old men who should know better, degrading in tacticity ten fold and reverting to what amounts to nothing more than kindergarten-esque “No, YOU’RE and idiot!”
Simply because you had the utter audacity to play devil’s advocate and provide a counterpoint to the whole “let’s bash the President” party.
For trying to be a voice of reason, and bring balance to an unfair fight.
Does that sound like a “More Perfect Union” to you?
Of course half the fault is my own I suppose for opening my mouth and speaking my mind as I have always done, no matter how hard people have tried to repress me.
But I suppose that my fault for being as strong, and strong-willed as I think I need to be.
People think they stop me, I just go around them and leave them where they stand as they ignorantly think they’ve won.
But I digress. that isn’t the topic at hand. I digress a lot. Damn ADD. Thanks Genome.

Now here’s the balance I keep jabbering on about.

What? You think I’m all talk?
Barack Obama once said “What Washington needs is adult supervision.”
Well, Barry, you’re Washington now. You are the embodyment of Washington. You promised to help us, and all you’ve done for the past year is champion an unwinnable cause that isn’t going to work out, when you said your top priority was that “Wall Street cannot prosper if Main Street fails.”
It’s still failing. Granted it’s doing somewhat better that it was two years ago, but it’s not really doing anything at all. You’re probably so pleased with yourself for forcing said lost cause into manifestation that you’ve lost sight of what you promised us you would do.

It seems now you, since you ARE Washington, need supervision to get you back on track.

Oh, but the economy’s doing better now! Yeah, and what the hell did you do to fix it?
It’s run its natural course and starting to fix itself again. It started doing that waaaay back last December when you were still jawing about this wonderful new healthcare system that nobody seems to want. You were to busy trying to foist it on an unwilling congress that you stopped paying attention to the people who ELECTED YOU INTO OFFICE TO HELP THEM!
And all you did is spend a year arguing with the right side of Congress. That doesn’t help us one bit.
Granted you still have, what, 3 more years to at least make a dent in all this wonderful stuff you promised us, but you really aren’t off to a good start. There’s no false starts in this race, all you did was stumble out of the blocks. Straighten out and start running right, and you may be able to catch up with the rest of us, because we move fast.
I have to say it was refreshing in 2008, to be undecided because you didn’t know who you liked better, rather than who you hated less.
Don’t let me down.

And THAT is what I mean by sometimes right, sometimes left, and never in the middle.

Stef, again: And that’s Daniel’s two cents (with apologies to Kelly Ogle over at News9).
Because I’m Daniel’s mom, and this is where it’s @ !~

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