Time spent with a good friend is special indeed

The only thing I didn’t do when I went to see Larry at work is take a picture!


It was great spending a little time talking to him… and seeing him! And discovering that his hair is longer than mine is– and that he can almost make a pony tail! He has lots and lots of gorgeous salt and pepper colored hair!

Larry, don’t cut your hair quite yet… dare to be different!

How all this came about is that I had some errands to run, and a couple of them would take me into Mid-Del. I was borrowing my mom’s car, and thought I’d take care of them in person instead of over the phone or the internet.

I IM’d Larry and asked if it would be okay if I dropped by, and he said it was and that it’d be good to see me.

When I got there, the place was too quiet, but being it was Friday, that didn’t surprise me. I walked back to Larry’s office to say hi… and for the next hour, we played catch up. The last time I saw him in person was right before I moved out of my apartment in Del City– almost two years ago!!

I hope we don’t wait two (or more) years to see each other in person again. I really have missed seeing him.

Maybe next time, it will be on my turf. What’cha say, Larry?


I see that it’s after midnight on Sunday… so happy Mother’s day to all the moms, grandmas, like-a-moms, stepmoms and foster moms out there on the interwebs.

Go call your mama… tell her what she means to you. For those of you who can’t, tell a mom you know how much you appreciate everything she does. It will mean a whole lot, believe me!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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