The Syracuse Brothers

the Syracuse Brothers

Originally uploaded by Ms. Stef


The older one, with the orange on his jacket, had opinions about every-frickin’-thing under the sun. He critized everyone and everything. He NEVER shuts up!

He always talked about how they “didn’t do this or do that” in Syracuse, or talked badly about Oklahoma (in a bus full of Oklahomans, no less!), and spouted off about whatever came to mind, even if he was totally wrong (which he was most of the time).

His younger brother was the quiet and meek one. I think, honestly, that he was scared of his brother.

I don’t know their real surname, but I always refered to them as the Syracuse brothers or the Syracuse boys. All the bus drivers and the passenger knew who I was talking about.

The other day, they had their bags with them, on their way into the city to catch the Greyhound. Maybe they’ll forget to come back. If Syracuse is so flippin’ great, they should stay there.

IMHO, of course!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~



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