When did this happen?!

Some time between the time I registered for my summer and fall classes, and just about 20 minutes ago, I became a senior at UCO.

And I already know that there is no way I’ll be able to graduate next May. I still need too many other things… like take a math class that will actually count towards my credit hours total of 124, a year of a foreign language, and a science class with a lab (and have both of them be available at the same time!).

And that’s in addition to taking the required classes for my major (Media Ethics and Media Law, anyone?)

And If I do decide I want to minor in Public Relations and/or Photography, that will take longer than May of 2012, by when I want to be done with school and get a real job like a real grown up.

So…it looks like the end is in sight. Now if I can just coordinate everything to fit perfectly, I might actually pull this little caper off.

By May of ’12, I will have spent seven years of my fourth decade in school of some type… and very little time actually working in my field (would doing a semester rotation at the campus radio station count?).


Dear David, Danny, Mikey and John (aka Disturbed): could you please, PLEASE release your first single soon? I am dying to hear something new from you boys! Show us how killer Asylum is gonna be!

Thanks! –Stef


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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