Intersession: papers, presentations, research– oh my!

I’m almost kinda glad that Future News ends this week… this has to have been the most intensive two weeks of my entire college career!

Having said that, I might not be updating for the rest of the week because I’m finishing up my part of the paper and presentation my group has to give on Friday. I’ve literally torn it apart, put it back together, and tore it apart again. When I do something like this, I’m my own worst critic. Especially since the grades of two other people are involved.

Does anyone know how you cite a historical document like the Declaration of Independence? In APA format? By Thursday night? I’m ready to pull my hair out over that one! Sheesh!!!

So I might not be on here until Friday night or sometime Saturday. Regular posting will resume at that time.

I hope!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~



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