Hatin’ on AT&T (and a little on BlackBerry’s Twitter app)

I am so ticked at AT&T it’s not funny.

They jacked up my internet, now they want to send someone out, on a Saturday no less, to check to see if it’s my wiring or theirs screwing up the works.

However, I think it’s the digging going on outside my apartment by an AT&T crew that’s to blame, and I think that’s what they’ll find when they come here tomorrow sometime between 8am-5pm… like I don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday.

And not just any Saturday, but Scott’s birthday Saturday.

Thanks AT&T… NOT!


BlackBerry’s Twitter app is also frustrating me because it won’t let me log in. When I try to do so, it tells me that I have the wrong username/password combination… when I haven’t changed it in about six months. I can get on Twitter just fine on a computer, but on my phone I can’t.

It really sucks.


Good news at last though– I got both my grade in Future News and my summer Financial Aid money today.

Took it long enough! I was down to 39¢!!


And no, I have nothing more to complain about right now. Ask me later.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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