Waiting on AT&T, Scott’s birthday, and other miscellaneous crapola…

AT&T came out on Saturday and took all of an hour to diagnose and fix the problem with my internet connection… and it was because of the digging going on outside my apartment building. Apparently, AT&T contractors cut all the lines they didn’t hear dial tones on…all the ones that had just internet service. Brilliant! The repairman who was here called them “freaking idiots”!

Left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing at AT&T. Lovely. NOT!

But I got my internet back, and that’s what matters. Kind of hard to do any school related stuff without an internet connection. After all, my next intersession class is called Blogging for Journalists.


Well, Scott turned 19 Saturday, and he wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. Mom decided that she didn’t want to go, so Daniel, Jeff and I went. We were to meet at Tori and Dean’s first.

We get there and Scott is playing on a laptop, which I wrongly assumed that Dean had gotten for him. Turns out that Sarah’s parents got it for him, along with a bunch of other stuff.

I can’t even begin to match that! I’m not even going to try. I get the impression though that Sarah’s folks really, really want Scott to hurry up and marry Sarah. I think they’re still both too young. No pressure from the future in laws there, huh?


I’ve been so lazy all day today, and probably all day tomorrow, too… unless someone has plans that include me. I don’t expect that I’ll really be going anywhere tomorrow. Which is fine by me, because on Tuesday, I have a new intersession class starting (see above).

I have been getting some non school writing done, though. And some non school reading done (Slash and Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, singer for Red Hot Chili Peppers). It’s been a nice week off, but now, it’s time to put it in gear.


I’ll wait for my late dinner to settle, then I’ll head off to bed.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~



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