I know, I know…

I’ve been bad. Neglecting this blog…shame on me.

I did try to post something yesterday but the damn HTML wasn’t cooperating.

So, let’s see…what’s happened this week…

First, let’s go back to last week.

Jon sent all the boys with cell phones a mass text message announcing he was getting married on the 15th. I did not get this text message, because, as Jon put it, he wanted one of the kids to tell me, and Scott did that.

All I can say is: GOOD LUCK CASSIE!


NOW, for this week (other than Jon getting married)…

  • It rained like there was no tomorrow on Monday. Dr. Clark ended up telling us to stay safe and blog from home. Streets were flooded, and for once I’m glad I got an apartment on the second floor. The ground floor got flooded.
  • I bought tickets to go see Disturbed in Tulsa in September, and their new single, “Another Way to Die”, hit radio on Monday, and iTunes on Tuesday. “Asylum”, their 5th album, is due out mid-to-late August. I am SO STOKED!!! So I’ll have to borrow a car and drive to Tulsa and miss a couple days of school…it’s Disturbed, people! There’s no way I’m going to miss this and have to wait til next spring to see them.
  • I had trouble getting my internet hooked up at the new place, but that’s been taken care of. I don’t like piggybacking on someone else’s unsecured connection. Because if I can do it, anyone can. And some of those anyones could have bad intentions.


The Blogging for Journalists class ends next week, and I’m going to try and maintain both this blog, and Perfect Insanity over on Blogger. This’ll be fun, just you watch!


I’ve been writing this story that is essentially fan fiction that involves the band Disturbed. I’ve gotten a lot of nice feedback on it from the people on the Disturbed message board I frequent. It’s damn near book length now, and I’m not even done with it! I’ve never been compelled to write fan fiction before, so I’m glad it’s getting such good reviews, if you will, from fellow Disturbed 1s (what the fans call themselves). I find the more I listen to all four of their previous albums, the easier this story is to write. I find elements from all four in my writing.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~



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