This sh!t’s gotta stop!

This morning, I went to bed at (get this!) 4:30am!

I just couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep. Everything I usually do to fall asleep (reading, surfing the net, watching crappy middle of the night TV, etc.) didn’t work for me. I actually had to be totally and utterly exhausted!

This isn’t good for me I know.


This friend of Jon’s keeps messaging me via Yahoo Updates asking for a hookup. He’s 24.

I don’t date men who are young enough to be my son. That may work for men my age (Jon being a perfect example of this) dating women in their 20s, but I find it creepy.

Yeah, I know, I did date Chaz there for a while, but even he realized that he was too old to keep up with me. Chaz and I are friends, nothing more. Nothing less.

And though I wouldn’t mind dating someone, say, 37 or 38 and up, 24 year olds are too damn young. That’s Jeff’s age! I’m sure that I would be questioning the sanity of any woman in her 40s dating either of my 20-something sons.

But, that’s just me. Other women may not have a problem with it.


Better get a move on. Those buses only run once an hour on Saturdays, and I need to get some stuff done in the old place so I can turn in the keys by next weekend. I’m going to be throwing away a sh!tload of stuff because I just don’t want to schlepp it to the new place. There’s a lot of clothes and junk I’m getting rid of.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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