That’s your phone ringing? –Mom

Yes, Mom, it is.

My ringtone for most everyone is the tribal drumbeat that Mike Wengren lays down at the beginning of “Down With the Sickness”. I actually have the whole song as my ringtone, but the phone isn’t going to be ringing quite that long.

The reason why my phone rang in the first place was that Jon was calling. He had this burning question he just had to ask me at that particular moment in time. It was kind of personal, and I was at IHOP with Mom at the time. I asked him to call me back. An hour later, he did, but I just didn’t feel like talking to him, so I sent the call straight to voicemail.

He’s been married eight days. Why is he calling me, his ex wife, of all people?

As I said, he had a question to ask me, and it was a little too personal to discuss in public. I’m at home now, so if he wants to call me again, I might talk to him.

Or not.


I had my contact lens checkup at the eye doc today, and everything seems to be fine with the lenses he gave me two weeks ago. I bought six months worth of contacts, and they’ll call me when they come in. All I have to do is pick them up.


I think I”m going to take aforementioned contacts out now and put on my glasses for the rest of the evening. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.


I need to work on my Disturbed fan fic some tonight. I just needed to get a scene or two straight in my head first.

I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~



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