He says he’s not a phone person, but…

he consistently keeps me on the phone for an hour or more. Dude, just get in your car and drive over here…!!

Chaz constantly amazes me on how much he isn’t something (computer literate, a phone person, etc), then goes ahead and proves himself wrong!

This morning was the first time since I moved that he’s called me, all because I called him the other night. He was busy watching and bitching about “America’s Got Talent” at the time and said he’d call me later in the week.

Then he talks about all these programs he watches on tv about science vs. the existence of God.

Sometimes he gets a little too deep for me. I don’t have a zillion cable channels to watch all day long.


I friended Saon on Facebook the other night. Whatever possessed him to join Facebook is beyond me! He’s mainly a MySpace guy.

It seems so weird talking to him now, seven years after our relationship ended. It just brings home to me the fact that I am not the same person I was just seven years ago. He’s remarried, not exactly happy in that marriage, but matured enough to realize that he has to make it work somehow. The way he talks about his stepdaughter makes her sound like the devil’s spawn (no discipline from her mother, and when he tries to apply some discipline, wifey gets all over him about it). 

He contacted me mainly to tell me that one of his nephews died recently and that the funeral was this past Friday. This was one nephew who was about Saon’s age, and this caused him all kinds of introspection. Nothing like facing your own mortality! That happened to me when Lisa died in January, so I could totally relate. 


Speaking of Lisa, it’s been a little over six months since she passed, and I’m still seeing little things in my environment that remind me of her. Then I get to thinking about how fragile life is, and how it could all end before we’re really through living it. I think that’s why I live the way I do… because no one is promised tomorrow. Everyday I wake up, I thank God for allowing me to live another day. Or, as Chaz’s grandmother put it (as paraphrased by him, of course): every day above ground is a good day.



And someone says he has a plan.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

(Lord, I’m so cynical!)


I’m Stef and this is where it’s@ !~


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