“Asylum” (the single) available July 20th…but I have it now!

And I have to tell you… when David Draiman said that “Asylum” was “very dark, very fucked up”, he was NOT kidding!

The song itself plays on the two meanings of the word asylum: one as a place of refuge, the other as a place of insanity (i.e. an insane asylum).

The reason I have it now, four days before it’s official release? The band’s website offered a free download to those who signed up for its mailing list. Since I’m already on the mailing list, I got the URL from the Disturbed message board I frequent. And the song is… in-fucking-credible! Dark and fucked up…oh yeah!

Not the official video, but you can hear the song:

And David Draiman explaining the duality of the word “asylum” and the meaning of the song

I can’t wait for August 31st!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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