I wonder…

if I’m in the middle of those premenopausal mood swings I’ve  reading and hearing about lately.

I’ve been pretty impossible lately. It’s the middle aged woman’s own personal ring on Dante’s inferno. One day I’m happy and light and conversational… and the next I’m in the dumper about some stupid thing or another. Lately, it’s been about people telling me what I want to hear, not what I NEED to hear.

I cry at some of the most stupid things! Lately it’s a Disturbed B-side called Dehumanized. Part of the chorus goes:

If I offer you my soul

Will you carry me away?


The song is about dying, and I can almost see the visual of  someone who has lost someone they loved, and offering God their soul so they could rejoin their beloved.

This isn’t the only song by them that does this. There have been a couple of others. There’s one on their new album Asylum that I’m sure will have me sobbing the first few times I hear it, because it’s about something that has happened to me personally.

But, it’s the TV commercials that are run in this market that get me. There’s these ones from a local hospital that use songs from the 50s and 60s that are the worst for me. Just yank my heart out my chest while you’re at it!

Menopause is going to suck… I know it is!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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