I am so worn out, I feel like a wet rag…

Another triple digit day. *Sigh*

I am so tired, not even a nap helps. I wonder if I’m trying to come down with something. That’s something I don’t need right now… to be sick. I can be sick the week of August 16th. I’ll pencil it in on my schedule.


I was so tired, I fell asleep in the middle of a video of an interview with David from Disturbed


Are you kidding me? I don’t even think it was the middle. I just watched it, and it’s a great interview (I just wish I could post the damned video!). Man, I wish I could sit down with David Draiman and pick his brain. He fascinates me on so many levels…and not just because he’s the singer of my favorite band, either.

Well, I actually have homework this evening, so I better get to it.


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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