Could someone please explain…

When I sign my posts, notes, emails, etc. with my preferred abbreviation of my name “Stef”, that invariably I’ll get a response that starts out, “Steph…”?

I have never liked my name chopped in half like that. “Steph” looks like you just knocked off the “anie” part of my name because it’s easier. “Stef” on the other hand, looks like it could be a complete word on its own. Even people I’ve known for a long time do this, and it bugs the living crap out of me.

Even my family calls me “Steffi”. Notice there’s no “ph” in that nickname. If the name Edward can be Ed(die) or Ted(dy)… then why can’t Stephanie be Stef if the person with that name desires?

And how do you get the name “Larry” out of Lawrence anyway? BTW, my friend Larry is just Larry, not Lawrence.

 And why does Katherine/Kathryn have so many derivatives? Why are girls named Victoria almost always called Vicki (and variable spellings of that as well)? My sister’s name is Victoria but she’s never been called Vicki. She’s Tori. That has become a somewhat popular name and until the last few years, my sister was the only Tori I knew.

No one seems to have a problem with that… She signs her name as Tori and gets called Tori in return. I’m the one who had to have the name everyone likes to mess up!

Figures. I never follow the rules, it seems. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. 

Yeah, I had to be different when spelling the diminutive form of my given name… how many gals named Stef do you know. Most people with that name are guys, I’ve discovered.


To review:

My given name is Stephanie. I like that name just fine.

But if it is to be shortened, please spell it Stef.

Thank you for your support. It’s only been 46 years in the making LOL


I’m Stef… and this is where it’s @ !~


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