New plan re: the XS shirt from the last post

I’ve decided not to cut it up. Instead, I’m going to keep it as is and it’ll be a keepsake of sorts of this record cycle.

Therefore…new plan!

I found a couple of suitable long sleeve crew neck shirts today at WalMart, and I have a plan for one of them. It will definitely be a one-of-a-kind shirt, even if it doesn’t resemble the straighjacket design of the shirt I was originially sent.

Oh, that reminds me… I need to send a text message about when to expect the posters I’m supposed to put up when I get to the venue in Tulsa. Maybe I’ll ask for a shirt in XL, if one’s available. I’d gladly send the XS shirt back if they want it in exchange for one that fits me.

Just a week and a half to go til Tulsa… and I’m BEYOND EXCITED!!!


Asylum got leaked last night…

It was released in Germany and Australia last night (which was Friday afternoon in Australia), and someone who had already gotten their deluxe edition copy sent the files to the Admins of the Disturbed forum I participate in.

While lots of people here in the US (where the album won’t be released until Tuesday) were busy downloading the album, I decided that I can wait til I get my copy on Tuesday. What I’ve heard of it so far is beyond amazing, and will hopefully go to #1 when it’s released– just like the three albums before it (Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, and Indestructible).

The real reason I decided to wait… a song called “My Child”, which tells of a man’s emotions upon learning he’s to become a father, mentally preparing for the child to arrive, then the heartbreak when the mother to be miscarries.  This actually happened to lead singer David Draiman with a previous girlfriend, and though I haven’t heard the actual song, I’ve read the lyrics… and I cried. I am simply not mentally prepared to listen to this particular song because I’ve had this experience. Granted, it was twenty years ago, but still, it brings out all kinds of emotions in me that I am not ready to deal with at this moment. I’ll listen to it when I get the CD.

Yeah, I can see myself on the Turnpike on the way to Tulsa trying not to get all weepy eyed about it. Ain’t gonna happen. I’d rather skip over it on the drive, thanks.


Decade of DisturbedAnd I can’t wait to see the “Decade of Disturbed” documentary! My preordered version of Asylum will come with an actual DVD; the standard version will come with instructions on how to download it. It’s the band’s gift to their loyal fans… of which there are millions from around the globe.

Including me.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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