I don’t feel like it…

I’d love to just stay in bed today and feel sorry for myself (about what, I have no idea!), but the grown up me is telling me to get my ass in gear and get to class.

I sometimes wish I’d put off Media Law until the spring. This class is tough, and it’s only the second week! Maybe it’s good that I take it now. After this, Media Ethics will be a piece of cake.

If I don’t burn out first, and I’m getting close to that point.

But I am soooo close to finishing, that I’ll lose my momentum if I stop now, even for a semester.

There are so many aspects about my life that I can’t figure out. That I can’t deal with.

I think I’m having one of my “woe is me” moments and I better stop.

I better get my ass to class.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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